Many companies have gone international both in terms of outreach activities and operations. The global business environment has led to the need to outsource, to meet the demands of variety of customer profiles, different time zones, cultures and languages.

Pirin Consulting brings together a healthy mix of people, cultures, technology and locations to deliver smart, flexible, and innovative business outsourcing solutions.

Multicultural Outsourcing in few lines :
  • Go International

How can a frustrated customer feel actively listened and understood when the person on the other side of the line does not speak their language? Even the smallest detail might lead to misunderstanding and make the situation worse !

By offering multilingual customer service you are putting the odds on your side, which is an important while integrating a new market where the first impression is decisive for your business.

  • Make the difference

Statistics are clear enough: Clients are choosing service providers that speak their language.

If your competitors do not offer multilingual support, when you open a new market and you speak the local language, this make the difference.

And if all your competitors offer multilingual support, you have no time to waste !

  • Gain new customers

Thinking that the language is not a barrier to online shopping is a mistake. 75% of e-consumers say they are more inclined to buy from a website that offers customer service in their mother tongue.

Internet users who shop online from overseas sellers, feel comfortable when there is someone who can help them in their language.

AIn other words, allowing your customers to communicate with you in their own language can convince them to actually purchase. By reassuring them, they won’t empty their basket and leave !

  • Unique Customer Experience

The customer interaction is one of the most critical areas of a business. This is the first line of contact, which defines whether communications and marketing investments meet expectations. During the communication you can have the opportunity to extend and increase the business value of your customers, or lose them down the road.

You can transform a customer complaint into an example for user experience improvement, however if you want to be successful in achieving your goals, you need a partner who supports you with solid technology, who knows your business requirements and who speaks your language.

In Pirin Consulting we will do our best to answer your questions and fit with your requirements. Do not hesitate to use our contact form for more information on our services !