Seeing the number of new customers grow is certainly an undeniable priority for the growth of every business. However, as your business grows, the number of your customers increases and the interactions multiply, customer service management becomes difficult to operate, especially using internal resources only.

At Pirin Consulting, we understand the importance of this growth, and bring to you the force of technology together with human resource, high level of security and confidentiality, helping you to show your clients what really matters for you.

We are your most reliable partner in terms of process design and service delivery, complaints resolution, customer investigations and urgent cases handling.

Outsourcing of your Customer Service in few lines :
  • Save precious time

Obviously, a company deciding to outsource the customer support services is saving time for their employees, so they can focus on their main activities.

Taking advantage of our result oriented approach, expertise and professionalism, you will be able to invest your own time into your own business.

Outsourcing allows you to boost your performance by delegating a time consuming task to a reliable partner you can trust.

  • Save money

Most of the companies does not have the needed technical and human resources to establish a relationship of trust with their customers.

Outsourcing is therefore proving to be a safe solution for delivering quality services, within agreed period of time, without the need of significant financial or human capital investment on your side.

Since you will only have to invest in the services provided by us, you will be able to control the costs of your customer relationship while minimizing, even avoiding financial losses.

  • Gain customer confidence

It sounds obvious, but we should note that prospects quickly lose interest in your products or service when they can't get in touch with a representative at the first contact attempt.

Outsourcing your customer service is therefore an excellent solution to improve your response rate and conversion of business contacts into potential customers.

During the support process, you can offer them additional services that aim to gain their trust and respectfully increase the business value.

  • Take advantage of our Know-How

Our Call Center professionals specialize mainly in the customer relations area. They have been provided with advanced training and have long term experience in this domain.

We can offer you turnkey solutions, which will allow you to better satisfy your customer needs, especially in periods of high volumes that are to be handled within tight timeframes.

Finally, as technologies are constantly evolving, our specialists put all their efforts to remain at the highest level of knowledge and to master the latest innovations in customer experience, with focus on digital solutions.

  • Be always there for your customers

Whether it is customer service, interactions monitoring, chat management, e-mails, tele secretariat, etc. We are able to provide a wide range of services to help you establish a long term relationship with your customers.

In addition of your company being always there to cover your customer needs and support them throughout their journey with you, we give the possibility to help you design and offer customised solutions to enforce business relationship.

We offer a wide range of Omni-Channel solutions, with a high level of accessibility, perfectly suited to guarantee support to your customers from the very first contact.

In Pirin Consulting we will do our best to answer your questions and fit with your requirements. Do not hesitate to use our contact form for more information on our services !