Pirin Consulting can support you in your existing commercial program or by offering our CallBoost programs as an independent solution. You can combine different solutions that meet your specific needs to ensure increase of business value while delivering the best customer experience.

We also provide you with analytical and strategic solutions to ensure that your customer acquisition programs meet your commercial goals. Our programs include customer journey mapping, aligning approach with customer profile, behavioural targeting methods, market analysis, dynamic agent scripting and call routing.

Drive your business forward with our transparent commercial programs. Our high-tech and high-touch approach combines emotional intelligence with technology, for higher conversion rates, less escalations and more valuable interactions, resulting in an improved experience for your existing and future customers.

Outsourcing of your commercial services in few lines:
  • Relieve you of constraints

As a turnkey solution, the outsourcing eliminates the need for you to design from the start a commercial process that is to be managed, once launched. Moreover, the outsourcing suggests you smaller, but highly experienced teams, which facilitates the commercial progress management.

Outsourcing your sales force offloads you and allows you and your employees to focus on the core business. The implementation of an outsourcing is often fast, and the sizing of the teams adapts to your needs and follows your growth, for an optimal level of performance.

  • Manage your operational costs

Outsourcing the Commercial function helps to better control the operational costs of the company. Actually, you pay a fixed sum defined by a contract. This gives you better visibility on your financial investment: you no longer have to worry about additional costs such as training or travel expenses for your sales representatives.

You should note that, when your sales force is in house, you have to manage all the process on your own. If this is not your core business, it can cause organizational issues, which might cause an unpredicted cost. As an external service provider we have already optimized the cost structure to cover training and set up tools adapted to our client needs.

  • Ensure the continuity of prospecting

Outsourcing the sales force guarantees continuous prospecting. Absence due to annual leave or sickness will no longer impact your sales structure, planning and results.

As a service provider we will be responsible for ensuring a smooth handling. You no longer take the risk of missed opportunities, your prospects are reached at time and interactions are monitored constantly. No more gaps !

  • Be more efficient than your competitors

Being a company specialised in outsourcing of commercial activities, we invest a lot of time and resources in training of our salespeople and do our best to constantly enhance their knowledge.

On top of that, we are equipped with reliable and performant tools to monitor your results and optimise the goal achievement process. What’s more? Well established, rigorous and transparent procedures combined with efficient commercial strategies designed to result in competitiveness increase.

  • Protect yourself

As a business holder you have to be prepared for financial difficulties that might impact your employees, in addition to your financials. Within these lines, outsourcing will allow you to have a considerable level of financial security, as if difficulties occur, all you have to do is to end your Outsourcing agreement within its terms.

The Outsourcing of commercial activities is a clever alternative solution, it combines transparency, flexibility and performance with the aim to free you time to focus on your business.

  • Experience in meeting specific needs

Regardless if the commercial function outsourcing is done for a long term or a short term project, specific skills are required to fit expectations. These skills might be additional to the ones you already have internally, or might be a new for your project. In both cases, applying them will result in reinforcing your business.

By choosing outsourcing, you will have the chance to test different commercial approaches and choose the most appropriate ones for your business. You will be assisted by professionals experienced in various areas, and who can provide you valuable support throughout your outsourcing journey.

It is therefore an interesting way to increase your activity while refining your commercial strategy ... a strategy that, internal or outsourced, is your sales force.

In Pirin Consulting we will do our best to answer your questions and fit with your requirements. Do not hesitate to use our contact form for more information on our services !