Our goal is to provide you with high quality translations, therefore we work with professionals on boarded based on their solid diplomas, experience, and certifications. In addition, as part of the on boarding process we perform a translation test focused on numerous domains of specialisation.

We also use in house translation assistance software to deliver fast, rigorous and efficient services.

Each project is supervised by a project manager and is subject to proofreading, revision and quality control to suit perfectly every client specific needs.

Our Translation services in few lines :
  • Basic : Fast low cost translation for documents intended for to serve for personal usage.
  • Classic : Fast translation of administrative documents that require to be notarised.
  • Professional : Great solution for any marketing or commercial materials where quality matters.
  • Premium : Professional translation suitable for specific documents (technical, scientific, medical, financial documents) intended for a wide audience.

Because quality is always the best choice, Pirin Consulting provides you with proofreading, editing and quality assurance services. We are able to support you in the internationalization of your communication, our mission is to find the best translator for your needs.

In Pirin Consulting we will do our best to answer your questions and fit with your requirements. Do not hesitate to use our contact form for more information on our services !